Amazon Browser Widget
A Tour guide for Amazon.

AmazonBrowser Widget is a widget for exclusive use of Yahoo! Widget Engine in order to browse Amazon (.com/ efficiently (and elegantly).

  • Support All stores of Amazon in US/Japan.
    In, you can access almost all of stores except for particular one example for "Music download".

  • Browse the Editor Reviews, Track-Data, and Customer Reviews.
    Yes. Speaking of Amazon, it is Reviews. You may visit Amazon only for reading Customer Reviews. AmazonBrowser Widget show you reviews efficiently without your elbowing your way through the complicated layout in Amazon.

  • Link by author/artist name or similarities / listmania! list.

    Do you use listmania? In Amazon they are not so conspicuous that you may not know them. But actually, they are useful lists composed by Amazon users.
    With AmazonBrowser, you can access so easily these surprising recomends!

  • Take on the FullReview-mode!
    The compactness is the virture of AmazonBrowser. But it's suited to read long Customer-Reviews. You press the triangle button on the right and reviews will be displayed full of the widget window. You can comfortably browse loooong debates!

  • Product you checked recently is saved.
    You can leave your 300 marks. And you wouldn't lose your way.

  • The list of search result scrolls with mouse movement automatically.
    You don't need that troublesome "More Results" or "Previous" button anymore.

  • 30 of Keyword you searched recently is saved.
    No one loves typing the same keyword again and again.

  • Clip, Clip, Clip!
    With AmazonBrowser, you can bookmark any book, CD or etc as if you clip web pages on Web browser. After you press the Add to Bookmark button on the top right corner, you can see that product whenever you want

  • Drop your Remote-Shopping cart!
    When you find something you want, press the add to RemoteCartbutton on the top right coner and add it to Remote-Cart. (You can remove them from Remote-Cart by right-click)

  • The settlement by Amazon of relief!
    When you decide to buy them, let's go to purchase page in Amazon. When you press "Buy From Amazon"button in Remote-Cart panel, your Web browser will start up and take you to familiar Amazon's purchase page. Then your Remote-Cart contents will be merged with your own Amazon account's shopping cart and cleared.

  • Long tail.
    This widget is an Affiliate ware using Amazon Associate. When you purchase something through this widget, author Ono_Matope would get a little reward.
    Ono_Matope spent too much time and labor for building this widget. So he hope for you to use this actively.


System Required

Windows 2000/XP (.NET Framework 1.1)
Yahoo! Widget Engine 3.1.2 or later.

How to Use.

  • AmazonLink-Button at left, Side Panel pull tab at right.
    You can change the length of bar when you drag edge of tab.
    And you can see keyword histories by not only the triangle button , but also "Up" or "Down" arrow keys.

  • "back"button, "scroll"gauge, number of result,
    "Add to Bookmark"button, "Add to Remote-Cart" button from left.

  • Rise your Web-browser and open the page of this product.

  • Rise your Web-browser and purchase this product now.

  • Full-Review mode. You can change the mode by triangle switch on the right side of window.

  • Side Panels. On the top of panel is from left, "History", "Bookmark", "Remote-Cart" button.